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Sylvissima, site consacré à Sylvie Vartan une femme, une star, bandeau sylvissima 2009


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Sylvie Vartan Iran Syrie Tunisie 1977

*   *   *


Iran - Syria


The Palais des Congrès tour of 1976 left France and after passing through Japan and Korea it stopped (as it rarely did) in the Middle East, in this case in Iran and Syria. In each of the capital cities of the two countries, Sylvie sang at the Sheraton hotel. In Tehran she also gave a private concert at the Shah's court for the 14th birthday of princess Faranhaz Pahlavi. It was the Palais des Congrès show of 1976. A few logistical problems came about thanks to some fake weapons used for the dance routine 'Baby Capone'... The tour was somewhat tense in Iran and Syria, taking place in the context of the growing unrest that was already gripping the region. The only photo report was published in 'Hit magazine', covering essentially the Shah Palace concert, and also including two photos of Sylvie doing a little tourism in Syria. In her book "Dans la lumière" Sylvie Vartan gives her contrasting impressions of this step of the journey...


*   *   *



Niavaran Palace (Imperial Residence)

  12 March 1977



Sylvie Vartan danse un slow avec le prince Reza Pahlavi, Téhéran 1977






Sylvie Vartan et le prince Reza Pahlavi dansent un slow, Téhéran, 1977
"Prince Reza is a charming boy" declared Sylvie. "He owns all my records, even those from my early years and he knows most of the words to my songs. The Prince is also very courteous, and should become a great sovereign. He also told me that he would like to come to Paris...but without his body guards'.
  Sylvie Vartan en compagnie de la princesse Farahnaz Pahlavi, Téhéran, 1977
Photo 1: Princess Farahnaz became a fan like all the others. Photo 2: This made many others happy: the friends of the prince and princess.
Sylvie Vartan en gala privé pour la Cour d'Iran en présence du Shah, Téhéran 1977
Photo 3: The prince gave a little drum solo just for Sylvie. Photo 4: A royal audience: Sat in the first row, his majesty the Shah of Iran, Empress Farah Diba and the prime minister, sat on the floor!
Sylvie Vartan et Jacques Grange  en Iran, achat de tapis, 1977

Photo 5: Sylvie took the chance to buy a few carpets (not mentionned in the article: here with Jacques Grange, decorator of the empress and of Sylvie for the Montmorency Villa).

Photo 6: A little shopping in the shops of Tehran, she bought this little pearl turban. Suits her, doesn't it?






Arya Sheraton Hotel

12, 13 and 14 March 1977 at 8pm



Téhéran Arya-Sheraton Hotel


 L'Hôtel Arya Sheraton de Téhéran.

  L'Hôtel Arya Sheraton de Téhéran : la salle de spectacle.
Arya Sheraton Hotel in Tehran. On the right the room where Sylvie sang three nights running.








At the request of students, tickets for the last night of Sylvie Vartan's show will be sold at the price of 1000 rials upon presentation of a student card. The world class singer and show-girl



accompanied by her dance troup comes to conquer hearts with her incomparable songs. Three days only.


At the Arya Sheraton Hotel the 12, 13 and 14 March at 8pm.
Tickets on sale from 9am to 1pm and from 3pm to 8pm

at the Arya Sheraton Hotel Tel. 683021
and at the Beethowen night club Tel. 669299.



The new image of Sylvie Vartan



As part of a world tour, the French singer Sylvie Vartan appeared three evenings in a row at the Arya Sheraton Hotel and presented her show that met with great success in Tehran like everywhere else it's been. Sylvie Vartan, wife of Johnny Hallyday, started out ten years ago. People thought that her success came from the fame of her husband, but Sylvie Vartan has found her identity through dance lessons, she has managed to shape herself an image.


Packed room at the Sheraton, everyone waiting impatiently for the star - and to the great surprise of the spectators, she knew how to create such an atmosphere that for an hour and a half the show rolled on in joy and gaity. Wearing magnificent dresses, the ravishing and charming Sylvie performed for us a few new songs. A quality dancer but a singer lacking in character, we found the old Sylvie when she sang her classic songs. The teen idol transported us for a few instants to the 60s, back to the start of her career. But the Sylvie Vartan with short hair and a girlish look had completely transformed herself into a sophisticated lady, playing a little too much into 'sexiness'. Surrounded by an excellent troupe of dancers, the French singer gave us a chance to spend a good evening surrounded by beautiful decor, with a magnificent show.



15/3/77 The Tehran Newspaper.




*   *   *



Sheraton Damascus

15, 16, 17 March 1977 





In the second half of the 70s, Syria was quite calm. In Damascus, the Capital, a new luxury hotel was opened in 1977. Sometimes described as a 'temple for the newly rich', decorated by very famous americans (Patricia and Dale Keller), the Damascus Sheraton wanted to challenge the Beyruth Casino. The appearance of Sylvie Vartan clearly contributed to the establishment of its reputation...


In her book "Dans la lumière", Sylvie reported that having hardly set foot on Syrian soil, she found herself deprived of her passport and led into a room where she was presented to president El Assad. He asked her to improvise a few songs. In fact Sylvie the Diva firmly refused and found a way out by inviting him to come and see her at the Sheraton... We don't know whether or not the president accepted the invitation... on a couple of cutouts from 'OK magazine', we can see Sylvie making the most of her short stay to visit the City of Damascus and its most famous monuments, both secular and religious... As soon as she'd fulfilled her engagements she left the country with a load off her shoulders, promising never to return...






La Grande Mosquée Omeyyade de Damas, datant du VIIème siècle.

The Great Umayyad Mosque of Damascus, dating from the 7th Century.

Sylvie Vartan fait du tourisme en Syrie, 1977



*   *   *


See the complete article in "Hit magazine"







Roman Theatre

30 July 1977

Carthage International Festival





Le théâtre antique de Carthage au cours du festival internatiuonal de Carthage

The Roman Theatre in Carthage      Logo of the International Festival  A show during the Carthage International Festival




In 1965, Sylvie Vartan performed for the first time in Tunisia for a memorable Gala at the Belvedere theatre in Tunis. Twelve years later in July 1977, she returned to the country for an exceptional concert in the majestic Roman Theatre in Carthage, as part of the fourteenth edition of the International Festival at the invitation of Mr Hassen Akrout. This was right in the middle of her big summer tour of 1977 that allowed her to travel with her brand new show that she would present once back in France at the Palais des Congrès... In the 1 August edition the newspaper "Tunis hebdo" noted the acclaim that Sylvie received from 7500 Tunisians that warm July evening in 1977...





Article Tunis hebdo du 1er août 1977 : Sylvie Vartan a enflammé la grande foule de Carthage


SYLVIE VARTAN Set Crowds Alight in Carthage





The Beautiful Sylvie, the ravishing Sylvie, the sparkling Sylvie met Saturday evening with the immense crowd that descended on the Roman Theatre in Carthage for a sellout concert. With her cracking voice, Sylvie Vartan as a real Lolita, possessing brilliantly her style and the art of the show (sexy poses, light clothing...) managed to satisfy the energetic and noisy Carthage (Her show that lasted 3 beautiful hours wasn't enough for the thousands of admirers that didn't want to see her go so soon). Everyone sang along to her most famous hits in an electric atmosphere. Truly her singing touched the bottom of everyone's hearts. Sylvie Vartan, dripping with sweat and at the end of her breath and her energy certainly didn't expect to find such an 'enthusiastic' audience.


"Thank you, thank you for this extraordinary evening... But we really do have to leave each other".


And a 'terrific' ovation accompanied Sylvie Vartan offstage… 



1/08/77 Tunis Hebdo.


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