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Drapeau français Drapeau britannique





Sylvie Vartan in Italy




Sylvie Vartan Profil par Jean-Marie Périer




*  *  *


It was 1968 when our black and white TV screens framed a young blond girl who sang with a light and attractive French accent. Before then Sandie Shaw had already opened us to other musical landscapes, but if the English star came barefoot, it was in perfect footwear that Sylvie Vartan installed herself in our imagination. Heels or boots, feminine to the tips of her nails, maculine or emancipated, androgynous, totally unfamiliar to the Italy of the 60s. To that you have to add a musique then considered as 'modern', a rock-twist known as 'yéyé'. Of course we had Mina, Nada, Cinquetti, Zanicchi, great singers but still prisoners of a democrat-christian and narrow-minded Italy. The appearance of the little french girl who danced and sang "Like a boy my hair is down, I wear the same jumper as you and a belt in my trousers" caused an explosion (…) 1968-1969, only two years and so long ago. Two years when at 8:30 she was the queen of our saturday evenings. Come un ragazzo,  Due minute di felicita,   Irresistibilmente,  Buonasera buonasera,  Una cigale canta  or  Zum zum zum , a handful of songs engraved forever in our memory...


Laura Putti - La Repubblica - 20/02/2011.



*  *  *

In 1969, the career of "La Vartan" was already well installed in Italy. Three of her songs were huge successes the previous year. Her new single "Irrésistibilmente" started strong and RCA planned to release "La Maritza", that had gone down extremely well in France. All the same, Sylvie in Italy wasn't just a succession of hits. The Italian press closely followed her private life. Not a week went by without them Sylvie Vartan en couverture de revues italiennes, 1969commenting on conflicts in celebrity couples, notably Taylor-BurtonOnassis-Callas, then Onassis-Jackie Kennedy , Bardot and her successive fiancés, and to boost the stories and keep the reader hooked nothing forbade spicing up the truth a little. The Italians revelled in hating the Divas and their caprices. Since 1968, Sylvie Vartan was portrayed as a star who distinguished herself by her coldness, her ambition and her lack of humour, at the head of a fashion empire, even having a press organisation devoted to her ("Le Journal de Sylvie").


Aside from all that, and it was far from her least important quality for the public, Sylvie was also a 'mum' who looked after little David well... but less well 'her young husband, Johnny Hallyday, immature rocker who tried to commit suicide when she wanted to leave him' (Even though older than his wife, if was often specified that Johnny was young). Their routine was dissected by columnists, the impression was quickly established: they spent little time together. For certain journalists, it was natural that Johnny should be away on tour, however Sylvie maybe had better things to do than try and further her career: look after her husband a little better, for example...


In this year of 1969 Sylvie was in Italy, Johnny too, to shoot "Le spécialiste" by Sergio Corbucci, the protagonists are back together to play their part.


Sylvie Vartan et Johnny Hallyday, Cortina d'Ampezzo, 1969   Sylvie Vartan et Johnny Hallyday, Cortina d'Ampezzo, 1969, tournage du film "Le spécialiste"   Sylvie Vartan et Johnny Hallyday,  1969, tournage du film "Le spécialiste" de Sergio Corbucci
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*  *  *




February 69 - Winter Tour

(Milan - Turin - Bologna - Fossombrone - Rome ...)



In February 1969 Sylvie made a trip to Milan to meet with the Press before pursuing her tour for a dozen dates of which several had to be cancelled or delayed because of a sever case of flu. At this time tours in Italy took place in night-clubs able to fit between 1000 and 2000 people and that competed for prestige by fighting over the biggest stars.


At the end of February, Sylvie Vartan was expected in Rome for the filming of a series of shows that would become classics of Italian television, the "Doppia Coppia"  :  "Two couples" .




Milan, Wanted Saloon


In Milan, Sylvie sang twice each night at the Wanted Saloon (able to fit up to 1600 people) that was the night-club of the Lombardian capital. Decorated in Western style, there is a description in a tourist guide from the time: "It's one of the most well known and most selective places in Milan. An entrance fee of 20,000 lira automatically creates a social selection. The main dance floor is surrounded by tables and there are two balconies where the most privileged clients can maintain a minimum of intimacy whilst at the same time enjoying the show." The Wanted Saloon closed after one year because of some unclear affaires involving the mafia....



Sylvie Vartan au Wanted Saloon de Milan, février 1969

"La Vartan" in the Wanted Saloon in Milan


Rome,  Piper Club

12 February 1969 



Sylvie Vartan au Piper Club de Rome, 12 février 1969 Le Piper Club de Rome Sylvie Vartan chante pour son public au Piper Club de Rome le 12 février 1969


The Piper Club opened its doors in Rome in 1965 and quickly became the dream of all followers of the local "dolce vita". Situated in an old cinema, the Piper Club was inspired, in its style and the music presented there, by the English beat scene. Pop Art works by Andy Warhol, Claudio Cintoli and Mario Schifano were displayed on the walls of the venue, and a strobe light was projected onto the dance floor. Several Italian and International stars came to perform in this cradle of Roman worldliness and modernity (Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Genesis, Jimi Hendrix...).



Carton d'inivitation au Piper Club de Rome             Sylvie Vartan et Marcello Di Falco au Piper Club de Rome, 1969
Invitation to the Piper Club   Sylvie and Marcello Di Falco then "behemoth" du Piper Club



For her performance, Sylvie appeared dressed in her "Goldfinger" jumpsuit by Yves Saint Laurent. From the end of the show, Johnny rejoined her and the paparazzi followed them into various Roman night clubs.



Johnny Hallyday et Sylvie Vartan à Rome en 1969



Turin, Danze Arlecchino

16 February 1969




Sylvie Vartan article La Stampa Sera Zum zum : 1 milione per sera


Sylvie Vartan (yesterday in Turin): She earns money by the shovelload

Zum zum: One million per evening


I meet Sylvie Vartan, the singer is now popular with a large Italian public. She came yesterday to Turin for a show at the Arlequin, today she leaves again for Fossombrone. A tour that has forced her to travel thousands of miles. Her Rolls Royce has broken down, stuck in Lyon to be repaired. Sylvie is travelling with her sister-in-law Doris, a young secretary and a driver. They rented a 'presidential' Fiat 2300 because it's comfortable for the singer, in between destinations, and that way she can sleep. And like a minister hassled by obligations she came to meet us in a city centre hotel lobby. Blonde, but faded, canvas trousers and a black velvet three quarter length coat. Friendly she had no problem joking. She answered elegantly the inevitable questions on her life together with Johnny Hallyday. "He - she tells us - is currently 'on tour' in France. From time to time I telephone him." When was the last time? "I don't remember. But does it really matter?" And little David? "He's with my parents." We asked her if she believes in faithfulness in a couple. She was a little perplexed: "It should exist, but I don't believe in it." Sylvie has simple tastes. She likes Italian westerns, especially those of Sergio Leone, but she doesn't have much time to go and see them. Sometimes she has to satisfy herself with looking at the billboards in the city when she's passing. The job is a big one, well earning, but tiring. Of "Zum zum zum", the song on everyone's lips, she has sold more than 400,000 copies in Italy; "Due minuti di felicità": 360,000; "Come un ragazzo": 250,000. For each date of this tour she earns 1.2 million lira. We speak with her about her recent success at the Olympia in Paris. Sold out for 10 nights. And the proceeds? "The Olympia - she says - is the venue that earns the least". Now the singer has a new engagement with Italian television. The filming for a program with Alighiero Noschese, Lelio Luttazzi an Bice Valori starts the 20th. It's called "Doppia Coppia" (two couples) and will be shown every saturday evening. They have already recorded the theme songs: they are "Buona sera" and "Blam-blam-blam". We get up to go to the bar. Sylvie jokes around with Doris, who she calls 'mum' maybe because it's her that's looking after her on this long tour. She's a beautiful mother, blue eyed. Between themselves they speak english, the main subject of their conversation is the young, slightly chubby, secretary, Carlo Dolto. They make an odd 'troupe'. "And the fans" we ask Sylvie. "One of the most devoted is a florist in Milan. He always sends roses and sweets to my hotel" And letters? "Not yet. I'm waiting for them". What's on the program for the future? "I'd like to do a drama film with Terence stamp, speaking not singing". It's getting late and soon the singer will have to go onstage at the Arlecchino. She'll put on her golden jumpsuit and rehearse, with her voice a little sexy, a little childish, the notes of "Zum zum zum" and "Amarezza". She and her sister-in-law leave almost dancing between the chairs in the lobby. Ernesto GAGLIANO - Stampa sera


Sylvie Vartan yesterday in Turin with her sister-in-law Doris, on the right. After having sung, she continued her Italian tour.



Billet d'enrée au "Danze Arlecchino" de TurinEntrance ticket to the "Danze Arlecchino", Turin



*  *  *


Qualche cifra...




The Doppia Coppia were shown from 8 March to 26 April 1969. The impact of the series of television shows on record sales was substantial.


Qualche cifra: soltanto in Italia ha venduto 300 mila copie di "Come un ragazzo", 350 mila copie di "Due minuti di felicità", oltre 400 mila copie della vecchia sigla di  "Canzonissima ", " Zum, zum, zum ", 300 mila copie di "Irresistibilmente". "Una ragazzina dello yé-yé"- Domenica del Corriere , 7 novembre 1972



A few figuers: Only in Italy has she sold 300,000 copies of "Come un ragazzo", 350,000 copies of "Due minuti di felicità", as well as 400,000 copies of the old 'Canzonissima' hit "Zum Zum Zum", and 300,000 copies of "Irresistibilmente". "A girl of the yéyé" - Domenica del Corriere,  7 November 1972

Since the end of filming with the RAI, Sylvie went back on tour. First in Iran and in Africa, then with her Olympia show that included 6 musicians and 6 dancers, she took on a marathon tour of 40 dates in several European cities to finish with France. In the month of July 1969 Sylvie Vartan was booked for extra dates in Italy in Rome and Viareggio.


Sara per amore che  lavora con accanimento crudele,  non  risparmiandosi  nessuna fatica, non rifiutando mai  una  serata né   uno  show, battendo anche  i mercati  non  tanto  prestigiosi ma  redditizi:  l'inverno  in Italia alla televisione, in marzo tournée  in  Sud America,  in giugno  tournée in Africa  (Senegal, Congo, Costa d'Avorio),  in luglio e  agosto la  provincia francese  (Tarascona e  Carcassonne,   Perpignan e Bastia,  Bandel e Luzignan, quarantacinque spettacoli in quarantanove giorni).  Per amore,  o magari per danaro :  due  esibizioni a    Roma  le  hanno  fruttato   cinque   milioni,  e  anche  in  patria   meno  di  un  milione  a spettacolo  non  prende. "Quando la formica Vartan incontra la cicala Hallyday" Il mondo dello spettacolo - Lietta Tornabuoni - 1969



Is it for love that she works with such cruel relentlessness, sparing herself no fatigue, never refusing a party or a show, even tackling less prestigious but well earning markets: Winter in Italy on the television, in March touring in South America, in June touring in Africa (Senegal, Congo, Ivory Coast) in July and August in French Provence, (Tarascon and Carcassonne, Perpignan and Bastia, Bandol and Luzignan, forty-five shows in forty-nine days). For love, or maybe for the money, two evenings in Rome earned her five million lira and in her own country she wouldn't take less than one million. "When Vartan the ant met the cicada Hallyday" - Il mondo dello spettacolo - Lietta Tornabuoni - 1969


Sylvie Vartan en répétitions  Gattopardo de Rome, 8 juillet 1969 Gattopardo rehearsals

Sylvie Vartan photographiée par FontiniSylvie "in Italia" 1969

*  *  *


July 69 - Summer Tour

(Rome - Viareggio)



Rome, Gattopardo 

8 and 9 July 1969



The show's announcement saw huge media coverage, mainly because of the huge sum Sylvie was earning (from 1,5 million lira in February, it had passed to 2.5 million, almost 200,000 lira per song, a record for Italy!): "Ogni sera per cantare 13 canzoni avrà un compenso di due milioni e mezzo : quasi 200 mila lire e canzone". Despite a strike by the RAI technicians, the show,  filmed in black and white, was broadcast the 9 May 1970. It was the first ever of Sylvie Vartan's concerts to be filmed in its entirity.  "Un serata con Sylvie Vartan" or "Incontro con Sylvie Vartan". The performances of her partner Leilo Luttazzi were cut from the broadcast followed her imprisonment for drug trafficking.


La Vartan : Her secrets to stay in fashion : knowing how to change roles, preempt the tastes of the public - Our encounter with the singer in Rome. For two evenings in Rome, an entire villa is reserved for her. In the city she abandons her three outfits by Yves Saint Laurent and she goes about in trousers, t-shirt and a leather belt that shows off her flat stomach. She's followed everywhere by a heap of bags and cases. She arrived by plane, awaited by two mercedes with chauffeurs at her disposition. To maintain the myth that surrounds her she has to hold onto her image and that requires constant novelty. In an industry submitted to the constant changes imposed by the public, competition with ones peers requires attention in every moment. Anticonformism is no longer the prerogative of an artistic elite and young people speak and behave with a  poise that mirrors that of Sylvie Vartan. She has therefore changed faces and now presents herself as a married woman in love. She spent the afternoon rehearsing her show. During her break a press conference was organised with a multitude of photographers and journalists. They saw a blond slipping between the chairs and rapidly disappearing. Organisers and press agents were left amazed. Its common knowledge that Sylvie likes to draw in the press but as she will explain later, she felt the need to spend time with her husband who arrived from Paris. "Ahead of being a singer, I am a wife" the 'queen of the yéyés' told us. Liliana Madeo LA STAMPA Giovedì 10 Luglio 1969





Sylvie Vartan en concert à La Bussola, Viareggio, Italie 1969


of the 1969 tour

of Sylvie Vartan in Italy


Buonasera buonasera

Una cicala canta

Mon chinois vert

Un po di tenerezza 

Face au soleil

Due minuti di felicita

La Maritza

Un poco di più

Blam, blam


Come un ragazzo

Zum Zum Zum

C’est un jour à rester couché

Sylvie Vartan en concert au Gattapardo de Rome, 1969
Sylvie at the Bussola   Sylvie at the Gattopardo




Viareggio, the Bussola

10 July 1969

La Bussola, Rome, Italie



10 July 1969 Viareggio - Tonight la Vartan will sing in front of over two thousand people who will flock for the occasion from the four corners of Liguria.  The singer Sylvie Vartan arrived this morning in Versilia: she will sing tonight at the 'Bussola' of the Marina de Pietrasanta for her last concert in Italy and as soon as she finished she'll leave again for Paris. We will most likely see her again in autumn for "Canziosissima" as her agent assured us.  Sylvie arrived at the coast with her team, six musicians and eight gracious girls, the same with whom she did the Olympia in Paris. We can't rule out that Johnny Hallyday, currently touring in Italy, will also rejoin her. It's a world-scale event of the first order. Even if the "Bussola" of Sergio Bernardini is used to record breakers, to sing thirteen songs from her repertoire, she will receive 2.5 million lira. The paycheque of the young star has steeply climbed to the level of a world class artist. It will be a brief stay, she will get there around midday. The rehearsals will start around 5pm and the show will be at 2am. Then, with her troupe, she will hit the road again, leaving Italy. The singer will continue abroad her summer tour that ends the 15 September. "Stampa" evening edition


Sylvie Vartan sur scène en Italie, 1969For her last date of the year in Italy Sylvie chose another mythical stage of the Italian music scene,  the  "Bussola". This club has featured some of the biggest stars, Frank  SinatraTom Jones, Shirley Bassey, as well as all the legends of Italian Variety, most notably Mina who recorded 3 live albums and gave her 1978 farewell concert there. "Since the afternoon young people started arriving at "la Bussola" to rival the number of spectators of a concert by Mina, setting a new record. There was a lot of agitation and things started getting broken as everyone knew Sylvie was there rehearsing" (La Stampa, 22 august). The concert started at nightfall. We can assume that the program was identical to Rome the day before but it wasn't that that captivated the press who covered the events Sylvie's day and evening. The flight BM 340 from Rome landed at Pisa airport late morning. Johnny who smoked cigarette after cigarette went to welcome his wife that he had not seen since her visit to Cortina d'Ampezzo during the filming of his movie. Evidently the photographers didn't bother them and, looking at the photos, everything seemed to be looking up for them.

"Let's not kid ourselves about how long their happiness lasted... Their first evening back together clouds already started to appear... at the "Bussola" for days hundreds of fans, young people, had been waiting to see, admire and applaud Sylvie… and indeed they saw, they admired and they applauded her. One annoyance was enough for La Vartan to suddenly find the pride of a Diva. No more photographers, no interviews, the Diva is angry, the Diva wont talk to anyone... The fans get impatient, the noise grows, a few inappropriate words are said and Johnny starts a brawl. Sylvie tries to calm down the situation saying: "These are youngsters who just want a few photos, no need to be so violent". Her husband having defended her reputation, Sylvie's fury faded. "We find them in front of a glass of whisky, kissing passionately... They wont see each other again for many weeks." (Article "Johnny e Sylvie : ecco il momento della verita" - Marcello d’Antoni).



Magazine italien 1969 Article "Johnny e Sylvie : ecco il momento della verita"





*  *  *



Sylvie Vartan SP Italie  RCA VICTOR 1564 Irresistibilmente   Sylvie Vartan SP Italie  RCA VICTOR 1569 Buonasera buonasera Sylvie Vartan SP Italie  RCA VICTOR 1569 Blam blam blam   Sylvie Vartan SP Italie  RCA VICTOR 1582 Festa negli occhi





Sylvie Vartan SP Italie  RCA VICTOR 1590 Abracadabra   Sylvie Vartan LP Italie RCA  LSP 10205 Doppia Coppia

SP RCA 1564



TOP 2 (M&D)

TOP 4 (S&C)


SP RCA 1569

Buonasera buonasera


TOP 6 (M&D)

TOP 6 (S&C)


SP RCA 1569

Blam blam blam


TOP 14 (M&D)

TOP 16 (S&C)



SP RCA 1582

Festa negli occhi


TOP 23 (M&D)

TOP 17(S&C)


SP RCA 1590



TOP 57 (HPI)



LP RCA LSP 10205

Doppia Coppia


36ème meilleure vente

de l'année 1969



(Recordings of Sylvie Vartan in Italian)



*  *  *

After her tour, Sylvie was not yet done with Italy. She took part in "Canzonissima", a monumental televisual institution, that took place over 14 weeks from the end of September. Sylvie presented "Festa negli occhi, festa nel cuore" the 18 October (fourth show) and "Abracadabra"  the 29 November.


It was her last public appearance in Italy in 1969, which was definitely 'her Italian year', a big one as much for her sales success and her media exposure as for her 'cultural impact'.


It was also the year of success for Johnny, as with "Quanto ti amo", the Italian version of  "Que je t’aime" , he ranked N°1 in "M&D" and N°2 in  "S&C" (October 69).


Sylvie Vartan returned to Italy in the 70s but the magic of the 60s was lost and she didn't reach the same level of success.



«Mi sembrano così lontani quei tempi. Però è vero che ogni volta che sono ospite della televisione italiana mi chiedono di cantare le canzoni di allora. E tutti le cantano in coro. Come se il ricordo di quei due anni passati a Roma - solo due anni in fondo - si fosse congelato nella memoria.».


Sylvie Vartan - La Repubblica - 2011

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The fashion spot




*  *  *


The frilled suit

in white or black



Sylvier Vartan 1969, costume à franges noir Michael Mott   


   Sylvier Vartan 1969, costume à franges blanc Michael Mott



For the 1969 summer tour Sylvie Vartan wore an outfit with frills in a black and a white version.  We found this outfit photographed by Richard Avedon in the US Vogue of November 1968 and the Italian Vogue of January 1969. Its designer was Michael Mott, an american stylist. In "Salut les Copains" magazine N°85 Sylvie indicated that the black one had been brought back from New York for her by Johnny Hallyday and that she had had it copied in white because she liked it so much (maybe by Jean Bouquin who created by that time Johnny's stage costumes for his concerts at the Palais des Sports 1969). It’s known that this white version was also worn by Brigitte Bardot.  We saw Sylvie for the first time in the black version for the last episode of "Doppia Coppia" broadcast in April 1969 and for the premiere of  Johnny at the Palais des Sports on  April 26, 1969…


Black frilled suit

created by  Michael Mott

Black frilled suit created by  Michael Mott,

Premiere of Johnny at the Palais des Sports, April 26,1969


White frilled suit created by  Michael Mott,

"Italian Vogue", January 1969

White frilled suit

(reproduced by Jean Bouquin?)


She often wore it with a silver necklace encrusted with turquoises inspired by the apache. The same necklace as would also be worn by: Brigitte Bardot, Johnny Hallyday, Cher :



Brigitte Bardot, Johnny Hallyday, Sylvie Vartan, Cher et Raquel Welch portant le même collier Apache bleu turquoise



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