Sylvissima, site consacré à Sylvie Vartan, une femme une star, bandeau Jean-Marie Périer 1964






















































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Sylvissima, site consacré à Sylvie Vartan une femme une star, bandeau Jean-Marie Périer 1967
























































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Sylvissima, site consacré à Sylvie Vartan une femme, une star, bandeau Helmut Newton 1977

























































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Sylvissima, site consacré à Sylvie Vartan une femme, une star, bandeau Michael Childers 1981
























































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Sylvissima, site consacré à Sylvie Vartan une femme, une star, bandeau Comme un garçon Pierre et Gilles 1996
























































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Sylvissima, site consacré à Sylvie Vartan une femme, une star, bandeau sylvissima 2009


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The Story of a Star...
Sylvissima, website dedicated to Sylvie Vartan











Sylvissima bandeau Argentine 1965  
Flèche droite   ARGENTINA 1965
Drapeau français Drapeau britannique

After Japan, Sylvie's tour continued in South America. She visited Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. Jean Marie Périer and the SLC teams having left Sylvie in Japan, We have to refer to the local press for more information. In Argentina, the national paper "La Nacion" published two articles on the show...









Bandeau Sylvie Vartan et Guy Bourdin  
Drapeau français Drapeau britannique

Sylvie Vartan enters this world the 15 August 1944 in Iskretz (Bulgaria). Her father Georges Vartan is press secretary for the French embassy. Her mother Ilona Mayer  is Hungarian by origine. Her brother Edmond  is 7 years her senior... Sylvie grows up in Lakatnik then in Sofia, between the emotional peace that comes from a loving family and a latent feeling of insecurity stemming from a life of suffering under the communist regime...









Bandeau Brésil 69  
Flèche droite   "QUE JE T'AIME"   PDS 69 JOHNNY  

"Johnny sang this song looking Sylvie Vartan in the eye, she's there, in the front row, between Jean-Claude Killy and Claude François "

Bandeau Brésil 69 ANGLAIS  

Flèche droite



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In January 1969, Johnny and Sylvie set off on another trip to Brazil strictly as tourists. They were however accompanied by their friend Jean-Marie Périer, photographer from "Salut les Copains" and the photos of their holiday in Rio make it round the world...




Bandeau "Le styyle vartan vu d'Italie"  
Flèche droite   CANNES 1997
Drapeau français Drapeau britannique

In 1997 at the fiftieth edition of the festival Sylvie Vartan wore a designer Chanel dress, chosen from the 1997 spring-summer collection



Flèche droite

Drapeau français Drapeau britannique

On the 14 October 1977, Michel Sardou, one of the leading figures of the 'chanson française' of his time, married  Elisabeth Haas, nicknamed Babette. It gave him a chance to put together the most impressive guest list since the "Salut les copains" photo in 1966....


Bandeau Sylvissima "Arrêts sur images"  
Flèche droite   SITE MAP
Drapeau français Drapeau britannique

From this page, access all entries on this site....








Bandeau  Sylvissima "Sylvie Vartan, Florilège"  
Flèche droite   FLORILEGE  (VIDEO)
Drapeau français Drapeau britannique

This video demonstrates everything that distinguishes Sylvie Vartan from her contemporaries: her ability to dream and see herself in a dreamworld and, like a stage director, to use her technical abilities to give shape to her artistic desires and share them with the public. "On stage I'll take any risk, in real life I take none."...


Bandeau Sylvie Vartan au Japon  
Drapeau français Drapeau britannique

(...) We wanted to retrace the steps of "Sylvie Vartan in Japan", that she herself described as feeling just like an episode of Tintin, so that you might relive it with her... With the help of all the documents we could find (...),  we have put together this jigsaw puzzle journey which, although many pieces are missing, gives an intriguing insight into Sylvie's adventures. (...)

Bandeau Sylvie Vartan Canada Québec 1975  
Flèche droite   QUEBEC 1975

A handful of articles from old copies of the newspaper "Le journal de Montréal" that, amazingly, have survived for decades thanks to a fan in Quebec who carefully conserved them so that they could find their way right here, on our site, 40 years later!


Bandeau Sylvie Vartan Italie 1969  
Flèche droite   ITALY 1969
Drapeau français Drapeau britannique

"The appearance of the little French girl who danced and sang just like a boy my hair is undone, I wear the jumper you wear and a belt on my trousers was an explosive success (...) 1968-1969, two years where at 8:30pm she was the queen of our saturday nights [thanks to] a handful of songs carved into our memories for ever"...

Laura Putti - La Repubblica- 20/02/2011










Bandeau dossier Sylviisma "French pop in Japan"  
Flèche droite   FRENCH POP IN JAPAN
Drapeau français Drapeau britannique

"French Pop": this is how French pop music released at the start of the 60's is labelled in Japan to distinguish it from the traditional "Chanson française"....Very early on, certain French singers didn't waste time in making the most of linguistic and cultural barriers to claim to be huge celebrities (even gods) in the Land of the Rising Sun, statements quickly taken up by a lazy (or complacent?) media.




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